the good shit: music, bong hoots, cuddles. walks, trees, french vanilla, slushes, kitties, travelling, photography, reading, family&friends, being happy.

don't be shy, come say high. ;)

spazzcat said: I'm so sad. Left my pipe and yum at my BF's house...5 hrs away. Which is probably why I woke up at 3 am. Smoking puts me to sleep like a baby.

omgosh! thats the worst! it’s amazing how much weed helps our body with sleep or food :3 i hope you get them back soon ! 

11 hours ago
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misanthropic-asian said: Watcha doin?

takin some bong rips & watchin a movie while i cuddle wif my kitty ^.^ what are you up too tis lovely evening?!

1 day ago
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People should submit some stoner posts to me :) just no nudes please that was an awkward/unpleasant surprise lol!!

20 hours ago
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whoever put the “B” and the “N” beside each other on the keyboard was setting stoners up for life-long embarrassment, I cannot tell you how many times i’ve accidentally typed “Hey wanna get naked” instead of “hey wanna get baked” .. that one letter really makes a huge difference :P

2 weeks ago
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